We’re happy to answer any draught beer questions you might have about the DraughtMaster system. In fact, we may have done so already. Don't forget to check our video archive too.


What is DraughtMaster?

DraughtMaster is the biggest innovation to happen to draught beer in 50 years. The system keeps beer sealed-in and untouched from the brewery to the moment it comes out of the tap.

Nothing comes into contact with the beer, keeping it perfectly fresh for 6x longer than the old steel keg system.

What is the difference between Modular20 and Flex20?

Both systems use the same patented DraughtMaster technology where a PET keg is compressed by air and delivers air-sealed untouched beer.

The difference is in the area of use: The Modular20 system is a fixed installation which delivers perfect draught beer every single time. The Flex20 is a mobile unit that can be used in small spaces and outdoors, in addition to the Modular20 installation for peak times with high demand.

What is the DraughtMaster Select10 system?

The DraughtMaster Select10 is a table top solution and builds on the same technology as DraughtMaster Flex20. The main difference is the size of the keg which is only ten litres instead of twenty litres. Select10 is only available in Italy, France and Switzerland.

How do I know which system I need?

The Modular20 system is a fixed installation which delivers perfect draught beer every single time. The Flex20 is a mobile unit that can be used in small spaces and outdoors, in addition to the Modular20 installation for peak times with high demand.

The most suitable system for your needs therefore depends on your volume. In general you can say that Flex20 is ideal for small to medium-sized outlets and Modular20 for medium to large outlets. Please contact our Commercial Support to get advised on which solution is right for you.

How does DraughtMaster work?

DraughtMaster uses an innovative way of dispensing draught beer, which is connected to your existing beer lines, beer cooler and beer tap:

  • Compressed air is pumped into the pressure chamber. Nothing comes into contact with the beer, keeping it pure. By not adding CO2, your costs are reduced, there is less maintenance and you get a consistently good beer.
  • The keg is squeezed and fresh beer is pressed out. Freshness is increased from 7 days maximum for steel kegs to a minimum of 31 days with DraughtMaster’s closed system.
  • Beer is pushed through the tap to create the perfect beer. Flexible, semi-automatic line cleaning and one-way kegs keep things fresh and simple.

Why is DraughtMaster better than other draught beer systems?

Our new DraughtMaster system offers you a range of benefits that all other draught beer dispense systems cannot:

  • Better returns. With less chance of beer going to waste, you can offer a greater variety of beers – and refresh your returns too.
  • Lasting quality. Whilst beer in steel kegs can start to go off after 5 days, the sealed-in system of DraughtMaster means beer stays consistently fresh for at least 31 days.
  • Greater variety. With our beer staying fresher for 6x longer than standard, you can offer customers a wider choice of beers on tap, without the worry of it going to waste.
  • Greener future. Market data shows that our lighter PET kegs have a smaller carbon footprint, producing less CO2 than glass bottles or steel kegs.
  • Refreshed service. With less need for technical support, our new Service Program can help you focus on improving the whole draught beer experience and your business.
  • More beer, more space, more time. Our lighter kegs free up storage space and time that’s usually spent cleaning lines and managing CO2 levels.

Where can I get more information on DraughtMaster?

If you are interested in receiving further information on DraughtMaster, simply use our contact form and we will come back to you.

Where can I get 5 litre DraughtMaster kegs?

The 5 litre HomeDraught system is an old draught beer system that has been de-listed a few years ago.

Therefore also the 5 litre kegs are not produced anymore.

Can I use the DraughtMaster system at a private home?

DraughtMaster is a commercial draught beer system and at the moment not available for private homes.


Why can I have more taps than before?

As our new system keeps beer fresher 6x longer than standard, you can have more beers on tap, with less worry that any of it will go to waste. With our beer staying fresh for so long, you can broaden your portfolio to offer a whole new raft of draughts, including Craft, Speciality or Seasonal varieties.

Which brands are available on DraughtMaster?

DraughtMaster offers a great portfolio of beer brands in each of our markets. Discover which ones are available to you now.


What is the difference between DraughtMaster and the classic steel system?

For 50 years, draught beer has been delivered in steel kegs, which only keep beer fully fresh for around 5 days. Clearly, this makes offering choice, without the risk of beer going to waste, a tricky proposition.

With DraughtMaster you no longer need CO2 bottles, whereas a steel draught beer installation needs CO2 to press out the beer from the keg to the tap. DraughtMaster squeezes the PET keg to deliver fresh pressed beer to the tap. Unlike steel kegs that, once opened, begin to deteriorate and only stay fully fresh for up to 5 days, our sealed-in system keeps beer fresh from the first drop to the last, for a minimum of 31 days.

There’s also no added CO2, so the beer stays unchanged from the brewery to the glass. In standard kegs, however, constant adjustment of CO2 can lead to an uneven foamy head and a rather sorry-looking pint.

Can I have the old and the DraughtMaster system together?

You cannot combine the DraughtMaster system with a traditional steel dispense system. Having two different draught beer dispense systems next to each other is possible but highly depends on your current set up. For detailed information please do contact our Technical Support, we are happy to advise and find the right solution for your business.

Do I have to change my whole draught beer system?

For the Flex20 you do not have to change anything as it is a mobile draught beer unit, ready to use once plugged in. When changing to DraughtMaster Modular20 you might not have to change your whole draught beer installation. Components like the cooler, your current python, counter and tap can stay just where they are. Contact our Technical Support for a personalised consultation.

Will you still come and clean my lines?

With the Flex20 system you do not need to do any more line cleaning – every DraughtMaster keg comes with a brand new tube to ensure perfect quality every time.

The Modular20 system offers you a flexible semi-automated cleaning function. That way you can decide when cleaning fits in with your business planning the best. And the best part: Cleaning is really easy and takes only a few minutes.

Do I still need to have CO2 in my business?

No – as DraughtMaster uses compressed air to drive the beer through the beer cooler to the tap, you have a fresh pressed beer that hasn't been in contact with any additional CO2. That also means you do not have to buy CO2 bottles, nor store the full and empty ones, which frees up valuable space.

Do I still need a beer cooler?

Yes, a perfect draught beer needs to be cold. With the Modular20 you can simply use your existing beer cooler. And if you are setting up a new installation you can use a standard beer cooler.

Is the use of DraughtMaster Modular20 more restrictive than a normal draught installation?

No, you can use our DraughtMaster system in the same places you would use a steel installation today.

Is the use of DraughtMaster Modular20 possible with long pythons?

Yes, there is no difference to the length on steel installations. But to ensure the perfect draught beer quality, please contact our Technical Support.

Together we will figure out whether you need beer pumps (or an external air buffer tank) if the flow out of the tap is too slow.

Are there limitations to the system?

As with all draught beer dispense systems temperature is a general limitation. A surrounding temperature of over 35 degrees can cause foaming problems when changing the kegs. But DraughtMaster Modular20 handles temperature variance better than other systems because it is air-sealed and there is no added CO2.

Do I need extra equipment?

If you have a steel draught beer dispense system at the moment you will need one DraughtMaster keg module per tap and a control module. If you have more than 6-7 taps you will need an additional control unit to build up the air pressure.

Please contact our Technical Support for a personal consultation.


How much does the DraughtMaster system cost?

Our new DraughtMaster system allows you to create your own individual system. For further information on installation costs, please do contact your local Commercial Support.

How much money do I save with DraughtMaster?

It’s been proven that offering a greater choice of draught beers leads to better sales – and more profit for you.

Customers who have converted to our new system saw an increase in total sales, versus a decrease experienced by those who were still using steel kegs. With beer that’s guaranteed to stay fresh and consistent in quality, drinkers are more likely to come back for more. Installing DraughtMaster could prove to be a smart investment.

Contact your local Commercial Support for an individual calculation now.

Where can I order new DraughtMaster kegs?

Please contact your local DraughtMaster team for information on where to source your kegs.

Where can I get 5 litre DraughtMaster kegs?

The 5 litre HomeDraught system is an old draught beer system currently only available in Portugal. The system was de-listed in other markets in recent years.

The 5 litre kegs can be sourced through some distributors, please contact your local market for more information.